Special conditions


Fares quoted always include all airport taxes and charges. However, there may be some destinations where additional taxes are collected upon arrival and/or departure. Unrestricted First and Business Class Fares (l´Espace Première and l´Espace Affaires) allow you to change your travel dates and flights or request a refund without penalty. Unrestricted Economy Class fares (Tempo, Tempo Challenge, Alizé and Plein Ciel) allow you to travel on selected dates. You can change your travel dates or request a refund. Restricted Economy Class fares, our lowest rates are subject to availability. These fares can carry substantial restrictions, such as an advance purchase requirement, a minimum and/or maximum stay requirement, penalties linked to changes, non refundable status and non-eligibility for infant and child discounts. They may also be restricted to limited or no mileage earned with Flying Blue. Important: These conditions vary according to destination and period of travel. Should you have specific travel date requirements, please call our Bookings Department for further assistance at (+962) (6) 5100 777. Once a ticket is issued, the client may not stop payment of his card, however a refund will be processed by the airline on request. If you wish to request a refund for a ticket purchased at a travel agency, please contact your travel agency first. They have all the information necessary to process your refund. In case of any difficulties, our customer service remains at your disposal. You can reach them from the Contact Us page.

Booking on the site

Air France online booking service confirms your booking once your booking status is "confirmed" and you get a confirmation number composed of 6 alphanumerics, displayed in the top of the confirmation page. You will also receive confirmation by email with a recap of all flight details. Please note that all bookings are subject to payment confirmation within specified timeframe. You are also able to check availability and fare details without having to complete a booking. The credit card used to pay for the booking must be personal to one of the passengers and the credit cardholder must be over 18. Secure online payment using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology is used in this website to encrypt the purchase transaction. SSL works by encrypting all communications between your computer and our server so that the information cannot be intercepted. If your browser is SSL equipped, your transaction will be secured automatically. Length of session: for your own security, should your booking process remain idle for a period longer than 45 minutes, the process will need to be reinitiated. When you book online, personal information must be given. Air France will not sell/share/exchange your personal identifiable data with third parties. If you use a shared Personal Computer for Internet access, make sure your details are not accessible to any other person when you end your session by closing all the browser's windows.


If you are traveling from Paris to mainland China, you must perform a Covid-19 PCR test and a serological test (IgM) in Paris. This rule also applies if you are in transit in Paris. If the results of these tests (PCR, IgM or both) are positive, you will not be able to continue your trip to China. In this case, your flight ticket for the trip between Paris and China will no longer be valid. You will have to contact our customer service to modify your ticket and, if necessary, return to your country of departure as soon as your situation allows it.

Payment method and ticket delivery

Payment method: You can make a booking and pay for your tickets either online by credit card or cash at your Air France agency. Electronic Ticketing (paperless travel) E-ticket is available for most of our routes. Due to increased credit card fraud problems, Air France does not accept third party payments (the credit card holder not being the passenger or part of the group traveling together). If you pay by credit card and your payment has been approved and processed through our payment portal, then you will receive an e-ticket as long as all sectors are eligible for e-ticketing. Buy an electronic ticket in 3 steps: 1. Book your flight on-line at least 96 hours before departure. You can recognise eligible routes by the "E" visible on the Flight Availability page. 2. You will receive by e-mail the confirmation of your booking with your itinerary. 3. Once at the airport, please present the form of identification you used during the booking together with the six alphanumeric confirmation number. If you have chosen credit card payment and advised your credit card number in your booking, this does not mean that payment has been done and that your ticket is issued. Air France on receipt of your booking, will open a request for secure online payment. Only once this has been approved, will Air France then issue your ticket. If you have not received your ticket within 72 hours, then you will need to make contact with Air France at (+962) (6) 5100 777 .

Types of flights

OP: abbreviation for "operated" which means that an Air France flight is operated by a partner airline with who it has a commercial agreement. Code-sharing: Air France has teamed up with other airlines to operate flights jointly under a shared code, thus offering even more destinations and frequencies. Flights are operated under both Air France and the partner´s flight number. Franchised flights: Air France franchises the routes of several airlines under the name " Air France By", offering several connections within France and Europe with Brit Air, British European, City Jet, Compagnie Corse Méditéranée, Proteus Airlines and Régional. These companies operate under Air France livery and use AF flight numbers. In-flight service is up to Air France standards, adapted to the routes and the aircraft size. These franchised flights offer you direct and frequent links completing Air France´s own network.

Secured Online payment

We are pleased to offer secure online payment using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. SSL works by encrypting all communications between your computer and our server so that the information cannot be intercepted. If your browser is SSL equipped, your transaction will be secured automatically.

Ticket use

The fare is applicable for a ticket used fully, in sequential order for the specified journey and on the specified dates. As outlined in the General Conditions of Carriage, any non-compliant use noticed on the day of travel may incur an additional fixed-rate fee at the airport for the amount of:  - for flights in Europe (including Metropolitan France and Corsica) € 125 in Economy and €300 in Business; - for intercontinental flights € 500 in Economy and Premium Economy and € 1.500 in Business and La Première (or the equivalent in the local currency).

Privacy Policy

Your personal data compiled during the booking process (surname, first name, e-mail,...) will be used for the sole purpose of placing and carrying out your order (buying and selling air tickets) online. Without your consent, Air France will not be able to continue the selling procedure and the transaction will be impossible.Air France shall:- Actively protect unauthorised access to personal data stored in its computers;- Refrain from communicating, selling or providing access in any way personal data collected via our booking system to outside companies or organisations;- Not use your personal data for commercial or promotional purposes, except if you have accepted that certain customised data is sent to you by Air France or if you subscribed to our electronic newsletter.

Visas, passports, vaccinations and health

Please be advised that it is your responsibility to determine and obtain whatever documentation that is required, so make sure that you prepare your trip well in advance. Please contact the appropriate embassies or consulates. Iranian nationals and passport holders from certain countries require visa to enter or transit France and/or other countries.


The Passenger is informed that in the event of a breach of Article 15 (Conduct aboard aircraft) of General Conditions of Carriage and in accordance with the provisions of their Article 9 (Refusal and limitation of carriage), he or she may be registered on a list of persons subject to a travel ban aboard the Air Carrier's aircraft under the Authorization n°2016-240 by the CNIL (French data protection authority).

General conditions of carriage